Top Differences Between A Zoo and a Game Park That You Should Know Before Choosing Any

Watching animals is one of the most exciting experiences. When you see different animals interacting with each other, you will love it more. Some animals are friendly to each other. Others don’t mind the company of other species. While on the other hand, some animals don’t allow any other species or their animals around them. 

The whole experience is exciting. 

Luckily you can choose where to see animals. You can pick either a game park or a zoo. But before you settle on any of the options, it’s good to know the difference between a zoo and a game park. 

This article will share the top differences you should know between a zoo and a game park. 

  • Animal Availability 

If you want to see caged animals, then a zoo is the place to find them. It’s easy to watch them in a zoo as compared to a game park. In the park, the animals roam around freely. 

And one of the best things about a zoo is that you will see all these animals in the same place. You won’t have to move around like in a park looking for them. This is because the animals are there. 

At the zoo, you are guaranteed to see the animals. But when it comes to the park, you have to look around. Sometimes you might never see the animals. 

  • Animal Friendliness 

When you go to a Zoo, you will find the animals are tamed. You can take a selfie with a zoo lion. But never try this in a game park. Zoo animals are trained to be friendly to humans. Whether they are monkeys or snakes, you will play with them without any harm. 

But never try this on game park animals. They are wild and don’t want to see anyone in their space. And you can’t risk your life. 

In fact, if you are going to a park, ensure you have taken all safety measures. Use a well-secured vehicle that animals won’t break. Be careful with the animals. 

  • Rules and Regulations 

In the game park, there are strict rules that you must adhere to. And the same applies to the zoo. When you visit any of the options, you must be willing to follow the set guidelines. Every specific zoo or park has its specific rules. 

However, when you compare the two instances, you can easily be caught at a zoo. This is because there is close surveillance at all times. It’s not like in the park where there is no one looking after you. At the park, you choose to follow some of these rules even when no one is watching. This is because it’s a good thing to do. 

Parting Shot 

If you love watching animals, zoos and game parks will give you the experience. But most importantly you need to choose what you prefer most. Alternatively, you can explore both options, and you will love it.